Yes, the economy might make pessimists out of the most optimistic dentists out there. The uncertainty of things can be extremely daunting and the fact that most practices are recording steadily declining profits will only add fuel to that burning fear. But when things are slow, there is only one thing to do – be aggressive with your marketing campaign.

Why should you even bother with marketing when people are being laid off from their jobs? It is because there are still people out there who are looking for dentists. Just because the economy is down right now does not mean that people’s teeth will stop aching. And because most of the other dentists in your area have already pulled the plug on their marketing campaigns, you do not have to compete with that many practices anymore.

Before you start your marketing campaign, you need to take note a few things first.

1. Be Persistent

Patience is a virtue but persistence is something which you will need even more with your marketing campaign. Marketing is not something which you can fit inside a timeline. As long as your practice exists, you must continue on with your marketing campaign. But your campaign, on the other hand, may be modified. For instance, you can choose to launch a targeted email marketing campaign wherein you only send out promotional material to those who are part of your target market.

2. Come Up with a Calendar

Your calendar will help you figure out how frequently you should communicate with your patients. Communication is an integral part in any marketing campaign. You can maybe come up with a monthly newsletter or send out special emails announcing a new service or discounts on new services.

3. Inform Your Patients

A good dentist is not someone who hogs all the information. Part of establishing rapport and, most importantly, trust among your patients is to supply them with helpful information. As a dentist, you’re not just a service provider. You are tasked to give out health teachings as well. Pool all of your expertise into well-written articles and post them in your dental website.

4. Remind, Remind, Remind

Yes, patients need to be reminded to go to the dentist especially since a number of patients are scared of seeing the dentist. At the same time, reminders show how eager you are to treat your patients. Patients, just like any person, want to feel valued and important and that is the message that reminders send.

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