Promote your Dental Practice

Years of training at dental school may have prepared you for providing dental care, but managing and marketing a dental practice is an entirely different ballgame. Now, it’s time for you to promote your business and begin providing the right dental services to your target audience. Getting new patients may require time and effort, but with a good dental marketing plan, you can get dental chairs and appointments filled in no time. We, at Dentist Identity, share with you 4 ways to effectively promote your dental practice, so you are able to stay on top of your game and become a well-known, valued dentist in your area.

Brand your Practice

Every business needs a good brand name. Think of a name that is easy to remember, as well as one that catches your attention. Include your area of expertise, say, “cosmetic and family dentist”, so people know what your specialty is. Branding a practice involves several things, which are as follows:

  • Putting up attractive signage
  • Having a mission and vision statement
  • A logo perhaps
  • A tag line that identifies your practice
  • A good differentiation strategy

A good brand that stands out makes you well-remembered by both existing and potential patients in your area.

Establish an Online Presence

Gone are the days when dentists simply wait for patients to arrive at their doorsteps. Today, having an online presence is important if you want your dental practice to stand out. Here’s what online dental marketing involves:

  • Having a website that’s beautifully designed while being responsive to the needs of your patients
  • Using social media as a marketing tool
  • Writing blogs and articles relevant to your business
  • Sending out online press releases and newsletters to promote your business

Having a good online presence widens your scope and allows you to communicate better with your patients. Intelligent articles, informative videos, before-and-after photos and patient testimonials add value to your site; thus, increasing your online popularity.

Be Involved in your Local Community

Sometimes, it’s not what you know that matters, but who you know that counts. Being involved in the community allows you to meet and talk with your patients personally. Join civic groups, be a part of volunteer missions and be a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. Get out there, socialize, and have fun! Your efforts outside of the dental office greatly help build recognition. Your goal is to become a valued member of the community, so you can become the dentist of choice in your area.

Offer Incentives to Loyal Patients

There are so many benefits to having loyal patients. They become your regular patients and may even refer you to their friends and family. Many dental practices often take for granted their existing patient portfolio; failing to recognize its importance in dental marketing. Loyal patients refer new patients who will in turn refer you to their friends. It’s a pyramid effect so to speak. Thus, offering incentives to patient referrals and giving bonuses to local patrons are very effective yet inexpensive dental marketing techniques.

For more information about dental marketing, call Dentist Identity at (800)303-6029. Let us help you create a brand name and get yourself found by patients in your respective areas. We are one of the leading companies providing website design and dental marketing in the US.

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