Having a website has become some sort of a requisite for any business and that include dental practices. But it’s not just enough for dentists to have a dental website made and then completely forget that it exists. Although it has to potential to bring a lot of foot traffic to your clinic, it cannot work miracles overnight and certainly not without your help. So what exactly can your dental website do and how can you do your share of promoting it?


You might have been running your practice for decades now but chances are that there are still pockets of individuals within your community which do not yet know that your practice exists. This is especially so since people no longer go out and try to explore their immediate community. With the hectic schedules that people of today have, they rely more on the internet to find service providers, and, without a website, you’re missing a lot.

Information Distribution

The best dentists didn’t become great because they had all the skills and knowledge in the world; it’s because they had awesome, educated patients. When you have patients that do not understand what certain dental procedures do, then brace yourself for a lot of explaining on your part and possible complaining from the other end. You can post informative articles on your website which your patients can check out before they even call you, that way they have already calibrated their expectations before scheduling an appointment with you.

Customer Care

Getting in touch with you through the phone can sometimes be difficult and inconvenient for some patients, and giving lengthy explanations through the phone can also be tedious. For these reasons, answering queries through your website can be godsend. Open your own Twitter account and your patients can send you tweets which you can answer in just a few minutes.

Now that you know exactly what you should be doing with your website, how can your promote it? A dental website is only as good as the amount of traffic it receives. To start off, you can start including your website on your business cards, posters and other print ads. Basically, integrate your website into your marketing campaign. One of the most common mistakes that dentists do is to turn their websites into orphans because they do not include the promotion of their website with their other marketing campaigns.

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