Online presence is a very interesting topic especially when you factor in the way that non-website savvy individuals understand the subject. For them online presence is synonymous to having a website, plain and simple. Regardless of the fact that they haven’t converted any one of their online visitors into paying patients and that they haven’t gotten any leads out of their dental website as well, they still believe that they have online presence just because they have a working website.

The very meaning of online presence can be deciphered from the term itself. When you talk about presence it means that people see you. Online presence therefore is a measure of how easily people find your website online. For dentists, a good online presence may mean having the ability to gain new patients with the help of their dental site, and here are a few ways to do just that:

1. How updated is your website?

When people become interested in a service or a product, be assured that they’ll turn to the internet to know more about the things they desire. Hence, when a person feels that he or she need an oral prophylaxis, that same individual will log into the internet and search for dental practices within your area. Once he or she lands on your website, that individual will begin to look around and search for things like a roster of services and rates. Imagine just how disappointed your prospective patient will be if he or she finds out that your rates were still from five years ago. If you want visitors to promptly act on your call-to-actions, make sure that the information on your website is always updated.

2. Can your website be accessed through mobile phones?

According to studies, there will be more people using their mobile phones to access the internet in 2013 than using their personal computers. The convenience of being able to search for a plethora of things while riding a bus or having lunch is just something extremely enticing. And because you need to be a step ahead of your competition at the same time follow the trail of your prospective patients, having a mobile-friendly website is a must.

3. Are you diluting negative online reviews?

Harsh online reviews can do serious damage to your practice but it’s something you have to hurdle through if you want to benefit from the internet. Diluting negative online reviews is the most proactive thing you can do since you cannot expect review sites to take off any harmful comment about you. Diluting simply means that you should have more positive reviews to drown the negative ones. Of course, the reviews should genuinely come from your patients and not just fabricated by you and your team. Hence, make it a habit to ask for a review from every satisfied patient.

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