Your dental clinic is a small scale business and may entitle you to tough competition from other dental professionals. How will you create the necessary edge for you to win the competition then? The answer is simple. It is through customer satisfaction, and the simple yet far-reaching philosophy behind this strategy.
• Attitude vs Skill
Although your skills may be the number one aspect which people will look into, your attitude plays a big role in creating lasting relationships. Even if you give out the most impeccable treatment, if you’re a dentist who is as cold as ice, your patients will most likely feel uncomfortable and resort to the services of other good dentists.
Developing a good patient experience
It’s all about the experience when it comes to having loyal patients. If you keep your professional standards high and if you center your care on your patients, you will certainly have them coming back whenever they have to. This is where you apply your interpersonal skills and where you capitalize on relationships. Try to get as personal with your patients as much as possible. Listen to them if they have experiences and problems to share. At the same time, give good advices if you think they are in need of your wisdom.
• Always keep your standards high
You should know that familiarity must never compromise the kind of service you give to patients. Even if they have been with you for years, you must make sure that every visit is as accommodating as the first. Make this as a principle, in order for your patients to feel your consistency in delivering professional dental treatment.
• Knowing your patient’s needs
Some patients may have specific needs. This calls for you to treat every patient as uniquely as you can. No two cases are the same and if you think that a patient has the same problem as a previous patient, check again and maybe he has something different. Also give in to your patient’s requests if they have any. Just make sure that none of your professional principles are compromised in accommodating these requests.
Those are just some of the ways by which customer service can be greatly implemented within your practice. Remember that your patients are your customers and that they deserve to be satisfied with every visit. If you always put your patients first, it is very unlikely for your dental business to fail.

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