There are three keyword sets that need to be targeted by dental practices so that they can dominate the space they occupy. These keyword sets are not individual keywords but rather categories of keywords that need to describe the dental industry and to do so, it needs to be versatile.  The first set that needs to be targeted is the keyword pertaining to their specialty. If they specialize in more than one area then the corresponding number of keywords needs to be targeting.

Main Keyword

The main keyword would be to describe the key offering of the practice. For example, in the case of dentistry, the words ‘Dentist” should be included but not in solitude. Targeting the terms “Dentist” alone would result in a diminished return as the word describes a vast array of offerings in addition to just dental services, it also offers dental information. The main keyword should them be combined with either the second or the third keyword or both.

Second Keyword

The second keyword holds equal importance with the third and is fungible. The second keyword should target the city or the towns where the target audiences reside. For example, if a dental service is in Manhattan, it would be conceivable to target patients from Brooklyn and Queens. It would then combine the keywords to form “dentist brooklyn” or “dentist manhattan” and so on; that should be the strategy for the first and second keyword. Note also that this is not the same as primary and secondary keyword. That means something else and is the subject of another article.

Third Keyword

The third keyword defines the level of excellence that people tend to add in their searches. For example, “best,” “good” and so on. So in combination a keyword that could be targeted for a dentist in Manhattan is “best manhattan dentist” However, the third keyword can also refine the function of the dentist, for example, if its restorative work, “restorative dentist manhattan” is a also a good use of the third keyword.

The benefit of using the city or town when targeting keywords is that is defines the market conclusively. Instead of just leaving it under very broad definitions. The key to choosing keywords is that is has to be a stable mix of broad and narrow definition. Too broad and unnecessary results will cloud the competitive field, too narrow and the chances a person will look for such detail is minimized.

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