Is your dental website feeling lonely? In spite of having steady traffic, your website still lacks that pizzazz. It might be that you’re stuck with a website which looks and functions more like a bulletin board than those interactive, cool websites we often find ourselves clicking through for half an hour. The answer is social media. While launching a marketing campaign based purely on the use of social networking sites may not be advisable, using social media adjunct to your dental website can do a lot on warding off the online blues.


The social networking giant has been courting entrepreneurs and one of its many ways is the “fan page”. Before you start complaining about the entire procedure of creating a new account, try to consider the fact that Facebook is the biggest social networking site at the present. Not only does it have 800 million users worldwide, it also has 350 million mobile users. Chances are that your patients and your prospects all have Facebook accounts. Making a fan page for your dental practice is an effective way of interacting with them since you are now within the same network.

So how does the entire Facebook thing works? Basically, you should endeavor to get as many likes from your patients and prospects. In return, you keep them hooked through your statuses. You can post promotional, informative or just random statuses and these posts will show up in your “likers” newsfeed. When your prospects see that you’re having a discount on teeth whitening procedures or offering a free dental checkup from your status through their newsfeed, you may convert them into paying patients.

If you’re not all that concerned about making your online prospects go to your brick-and-mortar clinic, you can also funnel prospects into your dental website where you can do more of your converting still through posts. You can do this still through statuses. Try posting a snippet of the latest write-up you posted on your dental website and including a link of your website. As long as your status is compelling enough, you’ll be funneling Facebook acquaintances into your dental website.

Social Media Buttons

Having social media buttons on your dental website gives your viewers the capability to tweet about or comment on specific write ups, and this is the online interaction which you want. Your dental website is not just a static, stagnant object but a dynamic one which breathes with every visitor comment or like.

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