SEO Writing for DentistsWriting could be daunting for some dental professionals. If you’re looking into search engine optimization for your blog or website and you think you can’t write, you should be able to hire a talented SEO writer. SEO writers know the rules to make SEO ready articles. Unlike ordinary writers, they know the ways by which Google indexes website and they know how to take advantage of some key aspects necessary for a successful SEO campaign when doing SEO writing for dentists.

Here are three things which you should look for in a SEO writer. You will come to find out the importance of these aspects once a writer successfully brings your website to better page rankings in Google.

Ability to write

Foremost, the ability to write should be your number one priority when hiring an SEO writer. Even if a writer knows the rules, without the ability to write articulately, viewers of a site will still presume that the content is not reliable and would not want to explore the site further. In today’s freelancing world, there are so many incompetent writers who make a living from writing without even mastering the language or the fundamental of writing. Thus, if you were to outsource writers from freelancing sites, make sure that you do a thorough assessment of their skills before hiring them.

Ability to do keyword research and use strategic placement

One aspect which should be implemented in SEO writing is the ability to put keywords in strategic places of the article. While it used to be that keywords in certain areas, such as in the title and in the first, middle, and last paragraphs, was the way to get a good ranking from google, the search engine now reads that density of keywords as “keyword stuffing” and penalizes websites for it. Secondary keywords and other synonyms can be used instead. Related keywords must also be used throughout the body as this widens the scope of the main keywords.

Ability to adapt to the changes in search engine algorithms

Last, an SEO writer should know how to roll with the changes that search engines make. Keyword density shows how many times a keyword is used in the article. For primary keywords, a good density range used to be 2-3%, now, however, this is far too much and will result in your site being passed over by Google. This is because many website developers used keywords alone for SEO, resulting in poor content that in a sense was “gaming the system”. In the SEO world, this was referred to as “black hat” SEO-unethical, and let’s be honest, lazy. Nowadays, providing good content that meets your clients needs is the best practice.

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