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Working Well Online The best way to evaluate whether your website is doing its job or not is by finding it in Google, Bing and Yahoo searches using your company’s actual name that is indicated in your website. After all, the main goal of a website is for people — prospective clients at that — to find you. If they are finding you, things are working well online. The assumption is always that more and more people are looking for services or products online and that searches are, most of the time, general.

Investing in Google Adwords or in creating content that naturally places your site on top of the list is not a walk in the park though; thus, patience and diligence are needed at all times. Lastly, web analytics services are also readily available. They give you the numbers, the specific data generated from your site — clicks, pages visited, length of stay in your site, backlinks and re-posting of your website content on other sites (social media).

How do I look?

This is where market intelligence comes in. It identifies your direct and indirect competitors and analyze your website against theirs. Being able to determine at least two (2) national organizations will give you an idea if your content is up to date while comparing your site to at least five (5) dental sites within your area. Another set of sites on key cities will give you a point of comparison on website appearance. With this information, you will be capable of steering your website into the trend, be up-to-date with content, and create a professional design.

The key to dental website success is the up-to-date and comprehensive content while creating a homey yet professional appearance. In the dental industry, you need to convey that your patients will always feel comfortable, at home with your service, and confident with your skills. Thus, it is necessary to extend these feelings to your website.

How do I do in the social network?

The easiest way to a greater reach is an enhanced and comprehensive social media site filled with needed content in the form of related articles, remarkable service offerings, clear videos, good music and impressive photos. Most of the time, social media platforms are for free — a great reason enough for everyone to converge here.

The good thing about social media sites is that they allow you to reach a larger number of people, virtually everywhere and anyone. Here, you are able to create a network of your own and sift through lists of people with specific interests or categories. Therefore, the basis in assessing is the amount of interaction, whether it is based on your dental practice or with any other topics. Exchange of communication and ideas need not be stiff, as building relationships with clients or prospective clients are the priority here.

Furthermore, social media sites also allow you to integrate it on your own website, adding more following and increasing site visits and vice versa.

Is my blog effective?

Promoting your dental service would necessitate you joining professional forums and online networks of the dental profession and organizations. Most of these sites allow users or members to express thoughts or post articles, opening a good avenue for you to show colleagues your stuff and a chance to build your credibility. By participating in blog forums, regularly at that, readers will turn to your articles and even personally send you queries to seek professional advice. On the side of your colleagues, positive comments or concurrence to opinions enhance your image.
Once this happens, you have succeeded in getting your message across and, most importantly, improve your image as an expert dental practitioner.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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