According to studies, one out of every nine people subscribes to social media websites and makes use of at least one social networking site daily. Because of this, it’s always a good idea for dentists to promote new products and services through social networking channels. Those who aren’t that sure of how to utilize social media for launches can follow these four easy ways to do just that:


This microblogging platform is similar to a traditional blog only that there is a 140-character limit which isn’t exactly a bad thing. The platform particularly appeals to people who don’t exactly want to provide lengthy, scholarly discussions of their thoughts but, plainly and simply, just want to voice out their thoughts via one-liners. Another advantage of using twitter is its real-time nature of publishing posts allowing users to converse with each other just like in chats giving rise to the Twitter parties. Set a time and a date, ask lots of questions, offer discounts for your new service, and tweet away with your loyal and prospective patients alike.


If a picture can say a thousand words, then how many words can a single video say? Especially in the service-industry, videos have become increasingly important as a means of letting your patients and prospects what your new services are all about. You can create a video of a simple procedure, and include before and after pictures in the presentation. If they cannot take your word for it, maybe seeing a service performed through a YouTube video will do just the trick.


If you have a fan page for your dental practice, then you can avail of the recently launched Facebook Offers which is, like everything else on the social networking site, free to use by page admins. The process of creating an offer could not be any simpler either. All you have to do is to create a catchy and witty headline for your offer together with a picture that describes what your offer is all about. You can even include terms and conditions so that your customers know exactly what they’re getting into and you have your offer which interested individuals can redeem through their smart phones.


All of these websites might be interesting but let’s not forget your blog. There are around 113 million blog readers worldwide so never underestimate your blog’s potential. Unlike your dental website, you can manage to publish lengthy content on your blog which makes it a perfect platform for your service reviews.

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