Having a website in this day and age may seem like a no brainer to most people. However, because of the internet’s reputation for being a quick fix for businesses and a panacea for all marketing problems, it’s only understandable that a handful of dentists may still be reluctant to put their business online. Undoubtedly, dentists can derive a considerable number of benefits from but exactly how the process of launching a website and enjoying the benefits of having one may not be clearly threshed out to dentists.

The Trend: Research Online, Purchase Offline

The general trend nowadays is that people research for the services which they are interested in online and then avail of these services offline. Because of this, it’s somewhat mandatory for dentists to have a website so that they can catch prospects even before they’ve started with their research and singled out certain practices.

Page One

Just because a practice has a website does not mean that individuals who turn to the search engines will instantly consider that practice when shopping for dentists. If a website will catch the attention of searchers, the website should be found on the first page of the search engine results pages. Better yet, it should be on the very top of the pile. In order for a website to be placed on the first page, it’s crucial that the search engine find that certain website to be an authority within its field and receive a large amount of traffic.

Quality Content

Although search engine optimization experts will use other tricks in the belt, one of the tried and tested methods of directing more traffic into websites is to post helpful and relevant content. In the past, there was so much hype about using keywords that some websites posted articles which comprised only of key words and key phrases repeated at predictable intervals. These write ups did not have any coherent thought and did not offer any substantive value. Hence, although traffic to these websites was considerable, visitors were leaving as fast as they were arriving. To put it simply, the traffic to these websites were not sustainable.

On the other hand, quality content not only brings continuous traffic to websites but also builds trust and confidence – something which dentists want to develop in their prospects. When dentists are able to help prospects through their website, these prospects will more likely choose that dentist as a service provider.

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