While so many individuals assert that the reason for why some dental practices fail to make the most of the internet is because of the absence of a website, the fact remains that even those who do have dental sites still fail to get leads out of their sites. So what’s the hitch?

The problem is that when majority of dentists when they do decide to get a website think that launching a site is all there is to it in building strong online presence. And so they fail to update their sites and after a month or twelve, their dental sites are more like ghost towns than enticing marketing tools.

Updating your website’s content serves two functions – it helps your dental site to be ranked higher in search engine results pages and it helps to sell your services to prospects who may stumble into your website. When website guys keep asserting that content is king, now you understand exactly what they mean. While you may now understand the inexplicable importance of fresh content, what constitutes great content?

1. Informative. Sure, you can inject some promotional phrases on your website but if you’re going for a blog worthy material, it’s better for you to stick with informative, helpful content. The reason for this is simple: individuals have an aversion towards being sold something. Contrary to that, they gravitate towards things which seem genuinely helpful. So instead of narrating why your practice is the best in the entire county, try offering tips for easing cavity pain and subtly throw in that it’s best to see a dentist if symptoms persist.

2. Engaging. While there are lots of content in the internet which are really helpful, most people never get round to reading them entirely. The reason for this is because these articles are written using very formal language that they read more like dissertations. Average, reasonable website surfers are in search of content which they won’t have any problem understanding and which they will find pleasantly witty and casual enough.

3. Shareable. The world has become so much smaller with the help of the World Wide Web. And while individuals can now find long lost friends via social networking sites, they can also share information on your website in just a click of the mouse. It’s very rare for you to find articles which do not have Facebook and Twitter logos at the bottom of these posts.

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