It’s always a good idea to have a blog to supplement your dental website. The thing about dental websites is that they’re generally promotional in that you use it to talk about your products and services with a bias towards your practice. You naturally toot your own horn when it comes to your dental website. Although there isn’t anything wrong about this, especially if your practice delivers great service, but you need to develop rapport with your patients and prospects which is basically a process of earning their trust. Blogs are perfect for this because you can post articles in a more personable, third-party kind of manner.

If you’re ready to give it a go, here are few tips for coming up with a killer blog:

Don’t publish anything short of great content.

The very item which you are selling with your blog is your content. If your posts aren’t witty and engaging enough to turn visitors into avid readers, your blog has already failed. The entire idea of blogs, as compared to simple article directories, is that visitors just read one post and complete about the blog completely, rather they develop an attachment to your blog and continue to follow your subsequent posts. That’s how you build relationships with your readers and you can only do that through great content.

Be regular.

Your blog has to be the same as your favorite television show. Just like you look forward to the next show at a certain day of the week, your blog should also be updated consistently during the same days. You do not have to publish posts every day especially if this is a goal you cannot commit to. Lowering your goals by posting articles may twice or thrice in a week may be more sustainable. The important thing is you’re consistent.

Optimize your blog.

Your blog is the same as your dental website in that they are both used to promote your practice. It’s just that your blog promotes your practice in a subtler and less out-there manner. But for all their marketing firepower, if your target audience cannot access them (because they’re on the nth page of the search engine results page) they’re nothing more but useless.

Treat your blog as just another pawn in your overall marketing campaign. Having said this, don’t leave your blog an orphan by not linking it to your dental website (and vice versa) or by not including it in your printed marketing materials.

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