Part of what makes your dental website successful depends on how it is designed. While the maxim on not judging things based on face value still exists, sadly, website visitors do not follow this. There is no such thing as a proven and tested formula for coming up with excellent dental websites. Rather, it’s a matter of avoiding cardinal mistakes in website design. Here are some crucial mistakes that can break rather than make a website:

Mistake No. 1: Cluttered Website

Your website is akin to your dental clinic only that it is found in the cyberspace. Since nobody wants to enter a cluttered clinic, you can assume visitors to feel adversely towards cluttered dental sites as well. Quality trumps quantity, so before you decide to include that nth picture into your site, ask yourself if that’s really necessary.

Mistake No. 2: Unreadable Content

Make sure that your dental website looks like a website rather than a page off of a book. One of the usual mistakes people commit when making their dental site is that they paste paragraphs upon paragraphs that the end product becomes too intimidating for an average reasonable person. Who wants to browse through a dental website which contains volumes upon volumes of content? Opt to simplify content instead by using lists, subheadings and short paragraphs.

Mistake No. 3: Too Many Advertisements

People have come to detest websites which carry too many advertisements. It seems like the number of advertisements on your website correspond to a commensurate decrease in your website’s credibility. Since you will be hosting you own dental site, then there should be no need for irrelevant ads on your website. Keep your website sleek and free of any unwanted ads, and visitors will be more likely to stay and check your site’s pages out.

Mistake No. 4: Navigational Troubles

There is nothing else that your dental website visitors hate more than wanting to go to a certain page in your dental site and never knowing how to get there. As a rule which most websites adapt and almost all website visitors use as a reference, the navigational tab is always found on the topmost portion of any site. When your navigational tab is not placed here, or on any other conspicuous place, then that would be problematic for your visitors. Also pay attention to how you cluster your pages into various sections on your navigational tab so that everything fits logically.

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