When you measure website success, it’s not just enough that your dental website gets visitors. The length of time that visitors spend in your site is even more crucial. So what if you have a steady incoming traffic to your dental website when there is also a steady outgoing traffic as well. The logic is this: when people stay longer on your website, the chances of converting them into paying patients increase considerably. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Make things visually pleasing.

People are attracted to beautiful things. If your dental website looks like it was made by a fifth grader, chances are that visitors will be put off especially since they’ve seen more professionally looking and put together websites so they’ve already set the bar high. Your website should be like a dress – it should highlight your features and draw the eyes to these parts. And never forget the basics like using pleasing colors, and using clearly visible fonts and font sizes.

Make navigation easy.

Nobody wants to be in a labyrinth even if it’s online one. Your visitors have come to your website with a goal in mind. Whether they’re thinking about doing reconnaissance work on your practice to see if you really have competent dentists or simple browsing through your roster of services, your visitors should be able to do so in just two or three clicks. This means meaningful use of tabs and well-organized website pages.

Have a blog.

The reason for why an appending blog has become so popular is because this medium is more accommodating of visitors. Not only do you get to share content in a personable manner, written in the first person, but you also encourage comments and discussions at the end of the post. This call for participation will give visitors more incentive to while away longer on your website.

Think about freebies.

Although giving away freebies is a move that must be done discretely, it’s an amazing way to get extra publicity and generate more traffic to your website. You don’t have to just give away stuff for free; you can do so through some sort of contest wherein they really have to stay longer on your website to learn the mechanics of.

Announce offers online.

Thinking of giving discounts for teeth whitening services? Announce your plans through your website. Not only will they be interested about availing the service (and research about the procedure through on your website just like wise consumers do), but they’ll also give your brick-and-mortar clinic a visit making this move perfect for converting visitors into first time patients.

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