Event BloggingNo matter which sector you represent, chances are that you’ll be attending a couple of conferences or local events. This is because people do not live in vacuum. In this age, you can blog about almost anything and reap the rewards of link. This article will cover the different ways of effectively blogging about events with SEO and link building as your goals.

Before the Event

Preparation starts even before the event. There are a number of questions which you should ask yourself when you’re preparing for an event.

Who are writing online about the event? If the event is something to watch out for, then chances are that someone has already put up a preview post regarding the said event. These people are also the ones who will most likely do a follow-up post. You need to come up with a list of these people or websites for later. A quick search should help you with this.

During the Event

Since you’re not the only one writing about the event, you need to make sure that your recap is unique from the others. Your recap only has one goal – to get links. There are three basic reasons why people will choose to link to your recap – a. you have a better recap than the others, b. your recap has linkable assets, and c. your recap has a unique slant.

A recap which is a mile better than the other recaps available online can be rather rare but if you can definitely try your hand at it. However, the likeliest reason for why you’ll get links is because your recap has captured something distinct from the event. You should have linkable event-specific assets or, simply, you need to have something which others do not have. This can come in the form of photos, videos, speaker interviews, attendee interviews, downloadable or embedded presentations or a collection of links to sources or materials.


The most important part of post-event link building is speed. The window of opportunity after an event in which you can gather content, package and then post it is small, around 36 hours. When you’re using Twitter to promote your content, make sure to use event hashtags so that users can see your content. Another helpful tip is to get people behind the event to be involved in the creation of your content. For instance, you can ask the speakers to pick out the accompanying pictures to your content or ask for quotes from the other bloggers who graced the event. Finally, make sure that your posts are seen by those who attended the said event especially those key persons and companies that you included in your content.

Event blogging can give your dental website greater visibility and more quality editorial links.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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