Is your idea of online presence synonymous to having a dental website? If we follow this definition, then the mere idea of having a website, regardless of whether it is optimized or not, right away gives your practice online presence. But in cases where in only two or three souls stumble into your dental site in the next four months because your website is listed on the nth page of Google’s search engine results, can you still say that you have online website?

The effectiveness of your dental website as a marketing tool, or even just as a source of information, is directly proportional to how well your website does on search engine rankings. If your website isn’t search engine optimized, no matter how well-designed the interface is or witty the content may be, expect it to be as worthless as if it never existed.

If the problem with your dental website is that it isn’t optimized, then there are SEO experts that can help you with your dilemma. But while these experts know how to cook up codes and keywords or weave backlinks, you need to do your part as well by taking care of your site’s content. While SEO can help attract visitors, the willingness of visitors to stay and linger on your site as well as be converted into paying patients rest on how well-written your content is.

Be helpful.

Always remember that visitors go to websites because there is a certain question they need answered. Your visitors may be looking for the nearest dentist, curious about a certain procedure or seeking a solution for a dental dilemma. Your job now is to pre-empt the questions that your visitors may be in need of an answer for and supply those answers on your website. This may be difficult but what would help is to know your target market and their usual concerns. For instance, high-income, young adults may be more interested in cosmetic dentistry than other age groups and would therefore appreciate information regarding this branch of dentistry and the services offered.

Launch online offers.

The best way for you to convert visitors into patients is by making them offers so that they’ll have something to act on. Your offers can be as simple as discounts to teeth whitening services or in-house financing for major expensive procedures which will grant patients more affordable payment schemes. The important thing is to make an offer so that your visitors can decide on whether they want to go for it or not. Sometimes, simply feeding them information is not enough to get them converted. Offers are just the right baits.

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