The internet is not a commercial tool that gives out free information. It is an information tool that is used to make commerce convenient. That is the perspective one should assume when attempting any SEO strategy. This must be so, because that’s the way the larger engines operate and base their premise of ranking sites.

Knowledge Is Key
Sites with absolutely no informative value or sites that carry too many advertisements are regarded as spam and are relegated to the depths of search results. Unless of couse the keyword is explicit in its nature that the searcher is looking to purchase something. Search engine tolerate commerce to the extent that they know it is what allows the information to remain free, but excessive promotions on a site with too many advertisements and diluted information will not suffice.

Without commerce standing on stilts of knowledge, the commerce is doomed to fail as well. Search engines know this very well. A person who does not take the time to research what he is selling will probably not be around for a long time and as such ranking them highly only to see them fade away is not a good more for the engines. And so, sites that do not carry a certain quality will not inspire confidence in anyone.

Form a dental industry perspective, anyone searching for anything to do with dentistry or dental is predefining a certain segment of the internet. Within its vast collective content lies the sum of human invention, understanding and history. Every time a person enters the expanse of the internet, he walks in with a desire to locate. As the internet grows, so to has its marketing sophistication.

Commerce Is Rooted In Knowledge
There is an undeniable link between knowledge and commerce. Here is an example, a person needing a dentist, first tries to understand what the procedures or symptoms are. That is knowledge. The person, looking for a specific service in dentistry, is also looking for knowledge. A peson who wants to find out more about why they have a certain discomfort that got them thinking about the dentist in the first place is also seeking knowledge. Instead of advertising blatant flashing ads, the internet gives us the opportunity to show those in search of knowledge that the knowledge we share is for their benefit and that our credibility is sold.

When it comes to professional services such as health care, it gives one tremendous confidence and trust when information on an ailment is presented eloquently in sufficient detail and it gains the trust of the reader. They will be more willing to take the service from the doctor that has just explained to them in detail what the problem is. The person with the knowledge beats out the person without it.

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