The internet is a new channel of communication between the orator and his audience. It began with time as the story teller ruminated around the fireplace, it proceeded to heralds on horseback, then to smoke and signals to tap dancing morse code over cables. The internet, is just the latest in this long line of mediums that has temporarily satisfied the insatiable need of man to communicate. As with its predecessors, the internet and all the gadgets that have been spawned by it, are mere conduits that run from the orators lips to the audience’s ear. Nothing more, nothing less. It is neither the smoke of the signals nor the tap of the morse that drafts the reader into action – it is the message. Always has been and always will be.

In this day and age, there is a fancy term to describe the message. It is called, content. Content is king and that is about the long and the short of it. But as much as this should be obvious to most, it is apparent by taking a cursory spin around the many websites and blogs that most have synthesized into mere rants. To be truly successful, it is the message that has to ring clearly.

Think of search engine rankings as a meter to the quality of the content on a site. Off course, there is a tremendous amount of technicalities that need to be satisfied before the site can be considered optimized, but for a moment, lets nudge that aside. Every dentist’s main concern must be content. There are two things about content that must be adhered to.

• Quality
• Objective

Quality is concerned with a number of issues. The first is that the content must have a purpose. Rantings, spam, fillers and utter nonsense have no place in civilized content. The reason for this is that every word that appears in a site, goes directly to credibility. A dentist that even discusses politics on his site, alienates his patients. A dentist’s blog must be about dentistry. More importantly it must be about the services the dentist is good at. Quality also refers to the language used in delivering the content. Most dentists are eloquent and educated, that must come through in the site. Language, layout must all carry an air of professional and compassionate tones.

The objective of the site is divided into two.

• Stated Objective
• Real Objective

The stated objective must adhere to certain social guidelines. These are more mores than they are rules and laws. The stated objective of a site must be to inform about dentistry and its related issues. There should be an almost altruistic tint to the level of information and guidance that a dentist is willing to share. The stated objective and and its ensuing methods must bolster the image that the practice and the dentist are sharp, knowledgeable and truly interested in advancing good dental health.

The real objective of the site should be to convince a visitor that they will not be disappointed by the level of care, service and concern for their well being that the dentist and his staff will have for each person. The real objective is to convince them that among a sea of dental offices, the one that stands behind this website, is the best choice to make.

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