Being part of the World Wide Web means that you have access to the multitude of individuals who may need teeth cleaning, extractions and other types of procedures. Having your own dental website and being on the cyber loop gives you the ability to court more prospects and bring in more patients into your practice. But being part of the internet doesn’t just give you blue clear skies all of the time; it also exposes you to negative reviews the same way that word-of-mouth marketing has its pros and cons.

Potential for Disaster

When two patients vent about how disrespectful your hygienist was, the awful information is passed around to the both of them only. But when an unsatisfied patient feels like ranting about the poor quality of service that he got from your practice online, his post has the potential for reaching hundreds if not thousands of internet users. Although this shouldn’t scare you from using the internet to market your practice, you should be extremely proactive when it comes to protecting your online reputation.

There are a lot of review platforms which you should monitor time and time again for negative posts but the most crucial are the reviews found on Google. With Google Places, the search giant has become a leader not just when it comes to searches but also with reviews. The mechanism of posting reviews on Google is also very easy which gives more incentive for angry patients to cyber rant. Because the odds are high that your prospects will find you through Google, you cannot ignore the reviews posted in here.

Google Places Page

Before you can begin the task of taking care of your online image, you first need to verify your Google Places page. One of the benefits of having one is that places listings are given priority as compared to traditional results in the search engine results pages. This means that if individuals search for dental practices within your community, there is a big chance that your Google Places page will rank higher than traditional, organic search engine results.

Of course, you can expect a bit of competition but here’s how you beat them out: with every listing comes a review with a corresponding rating. What you should aim for is that your satisfied patients give you Google reviews with stellar ratings, which you can do so by asking them nicely. The more the number of positive reviews, the easier it is for negative reviews to be drowned out. And because prospects choose dentists, by virtue of basic psychology, according to ratings and reviews, the more stars you have and the happier your reviewers are, the more likely that you’ll woo online prospects to become paying patients.

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