Recession Tips  Being in the midst of a recession can be extremely daunting for any dental practitioner. Many dentist are uncertain as to how to weather the impending economic storm. The success of your dental practice is contingent upon your dental marketing momentum. But with so much uncertainty looming, it can be very difficult to sustain this momentum. However, the very answer to most dentists’ question during these hard times can be found within the question itself. How does one stay out of economic turmoil? One just has to continue with marketing. There are three basic things that every practice must do right now.

Recession Tips

Tip No. 1: Keep your patient newsletter.

Although it may be very irresistible to pull the plug on your patient newsletter, and this may even seem at first thought a logical step, stop yourself from doing so. Yes, you’re looking at different ways to cut costs but you need to look elsewhere. You may be able to free up a couple of dollars but then you’re putting a halt on communication with your patients. After years of constantly communicating with your patients, they’ll be surprised as to why all of the sudden you’ve stopped sending them your usual newsletters. Your patients will smell that something is awry and will think that your practice has become unstable. This won’t be so reassuring to patients who want to make referrals or opt for a long-term treatment plan.

Tip No. 2: Reactivate patients and finish treatments

Every dentist has a list of patients who haven’t been to see them for more than six months. In the past, dentists didn’t have enough reason to check out this list, but now is the time to pay attention to this list. Try calling up your past patients and see how they are doing. Dig up their records and find out if they were in the middle of a treatment before they vanished. If they were, try to get them to finish their treatment. You can do so with discounts or value added services. The idea is if they were satisfied with your services, but just lacked the time to visit your clinic, then maybe a friendly call will make them see you once more.

Tip No. 3: Advertise with gusto.

When things are looking slow, there’s nothing left to do but advertise. And now is the best time for you to rev up your advertising campaign. This is because while the others are pulling out their ads and hiding from the public to cut costs, you’ll have to worry with less competition.

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