While we have heard so many miracle stories about how businesses were rejuvenated or grown from websites, the idea of launching and maintaining a dental website can seem more work and more hassle than what most dentists are comfortable with. Despite all the reservations one might have, the necessity of having a dental site is greater especially with a majority of the population becoming dependent on the internet in finding various goods and services.

One of the basics of a good marketing campaign is to follow your prospects where they might be and court them from there, and chances are your prospects are all internet-savvy and surfing the World Wide Web more frequently than you would imagine. Hence, a sound internet strategy starting with a dental website is a must. Especially when done correctly, the return on investment for your dental site may be more than what you expect.

24/7 Service

One thing that is great about having a website is that it’s comparable to having a clinic that is open, round-the-clock. Because your website does not have to close after 6 or 7pm, prospects can log into your website and retrieve information that’s essential for them to make a decision to schedule for an appointment or elect for treatment.

This feature is even more accentuated with the help of smartphones. It is estimated that by 2013, people will be accessing websites through their mobile phones more frequently than through desktop computers. Even now, smartphones which have the ability to access mobile websites compose 40 percent of all mobile phones in the US. This means that by just a click of a handset, prospects can access your website wherever they are and during whatever time of the day, provided that you do have a dental site.

Efficient communication

One of the pillars of good dentist-patient relationships is the ease of communication even long after the patient has left the clinic. Because oral health is something which extends to more than just a visit to the clinic, you should be easily accessible to your patients should they need to ask you why his or her veneer still feels uncomfortable without having to schedule an appointment.

The internet is one of the best avenues for that because of how majority, if not all, of your patients have access to the World Wide Web. You can include features to your website like message forms where patients can post questions as well as a dedicated online scheduling feature so that patients can make appointments with you with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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