There are a lot of benefits to having a dental website. First off, you get to enjoy online exposure which is crucial in this time and age. People have become extremely reliant on the internet for almost everything. If one needs something, then he or she instantly opens a laptop and runs a search through Google. For dentists, it’s definitely no longer the yellow pages which rule. Include into the mix of benefits the fact that your website can serve as an online brochure. But one of the underexplored advantages of having a dental site is being able to test, launch, tweak and then re-launch marketing campaigns.

Make an offer.

Whenever you’re trying out a marketing campaign, you’ll never know how well it fares unless you make an offer. Marketing experts know that the power of any campaign really lies in the offer. If you bother to sift through the internet, you’ll find out that the cyberspace is filled with so many offers and deals which mean that placing your own offers in your dental website is only logical. With your dental website, you can monitor how well your offers do by keeping track of how many prospects call to learn more about said offers and how many of these prospects are successfully converted into paying patients. You can tailor your offers to suit various types of prospects and launch ones which are appropriate for the season, like an offer which centers on braces during the summer for teenagers or after hours appointments for working prospects.


When you’re experimenting with marketing campaigns, you need to know your market and the only way to go about this is to run surveys. Although you can always go with the traditional paper and pen survey while patients are in your clinic, it’s more convenient for prospects and patients to answer your surveys during their down time and this is where dental websites come in. You can ask website visitors to answer your online survey (or poll if all you need answered is one question). To make visitors more cooperative, you can probably give them a small gift (which also doubles as a way to lure prospects into your clinic where you can effectively sales talk them into getting treatment. Your website is a form of investment which means that you should be thinking of ways to maximize return of investment. So don’t be scared to play around with your website.

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