promoteDentists, like other business owners, need a virtual platform in order to effectively preserve existing patients and attract new one’s. The massive quantity of online information makes it difficult, if not impossible, to appeal to the right target audience, while also making your practice stand out. A high virtual presence automatically translates to increased traffic to your site. Therefore, to establish and preserve a high virtual presence, while also standing out among your competitors, it is important to have effective ways to increase content visibility on social media platforms, specifically, Facebook and Twitter

How to increase content visibility on Facebook:

  • Creating a business page on Facebook is not enough. Make sure you mention the essential facts regarding your clinic and dental practice. Include information which paints a more customer-oriented picture, rather than a profit-maximization one.
  • Realistically, every other competitor will have a Facebook page as well. In order to stand out, it’s necessary to keep your Facebook page unique by adding exclusive features. In order to appeal to your audience, you need to keep them interested. It is suggested to consistently provide your Facebook followers with exclusive content, which will not only increase content visibility, but also develops a relationship with your Facebook followers.
  • Advertise promotional offer to increase the number of ‘likes’. You are more likely to attract potential clients if your custom landing page on Facebook has tabs for content promotion such as downloadable discount coupons or eBook on dental hygiene.

How to increase content visibility on Twitter

  • In order to promote your dental clinic, you should ensure your online content is being effectively promoted by leveraging hashtags. This also helps you track the people who are talking about you or your clinic.
  • Another way of increasing content visibility is enhancing interactivity with followers. A simple tweet can get you responses, but posing a question along with every tweet will give your followers a reason to respond and interact.
  • Content visibility also depends on the interest of the target audience, especially when it comes to Twitter. By observing the area of interest of individuals who have previously checked your clinic on Twitter, you can focus your tweets to retain their attention and interest.

Facebook and Twitter are cost-effective alternatives to other dental marketing practices, as it is not only easy to attract clients to join your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, but it is also simple to maintain interactivity through these mediums. In order to get a kick start on your Twitter or Facebook page, place a tablet with your Twitter and Facebook page open for clients to follow or join while waiting at the clinic. Most will be more than willing to do so to benefit from incentives and maintain virtual communication.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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