Good reviews are invaluable. Any company could get a bad review from time to time but you don’t need them featured on the top of the results either.

“Matt is probably one of the top Yelp marketing experts, so what he says, goes.  From Mat:
First she needs to make a page on her website that will drive people to review on Yelp.  Not just have Yelp, but have all main review sites (link directly to them on this page) and then direct her customers to that page to leave reviews – Don’t ask for them to go there and leave a “Yelp” review. … let them pick what place they want.  This way you will get the users of the right groups to leave reviews on the places they use and thus eliminate the chance of them getting filtered.  This will also help distribute the wealth.  I don’t give a rats ass what Yelp says about not doing this.  You are simply showing people where they can review you because you “love” reviews … it is up to the user to leave a review wehre they want.  Yelp is stupid and two faced about their “amazing” review filter and service.  They are gonna do whatever they can to extort the most money out of business owners via their paid programs options (talk about two-faced), so business owners NEED to do all they can to get legit reviews to show up.  This example you share is my point exactly of why this is needed – they need to seek out and find active Yelp users by guiding them.

In short, you need to figure out which customers of yours are active Yelpers.  Then you need to figure out how to get them to write something nice about you on Yelp”

via Fixing Bad Yelp Reviews on Apple Maps.

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