If you ask a lot of your Senior Dentists or the ones who were able to practice first in this field, it wasn’t much of an effort to establish, build and grow your their practice during their time. They would just simply set up their office, find a good location, and practice their specialization or craft with utmost dedication which would surely lead them into having a good reputation. More of it was based on loyalty of patients who would trust them with their dental needs from time to time. But now, that’s not the case, it’s becoming harder and harder. Dental marketing has simply evolved over time.

Why is it perhaps? It is because time and the world definitely had changed. Competition from one practitioner to the other has changed. Now it seems that there are almost a lot of dentists in the neighborhood, from one corner to the other. The more competitors you have, the much harder it is to retain your patients. And sadly enough the loyalty of your patients become shorter and shorter and sometimes there is no guarantee of them coming back because people nowadays are used to being “mobile”. They change jobs and decide to relocate which has been accepted to be a regular basis for some. Since they are so used to mobility already, if for example they might not like the quality of your service, they can immediately switch dentists who might be just around the street.Now that you are faced with this kind of condition, you might then need to market your dental practice.

Since a lot of dentists nowadays acknowledge the need for dental marketing in their practice, you must learn first some of the reasons why they are not getting any good results from their marketing strategies.

Here are some of the reasons why.

• Insufficient Actions or Lack of It – A lot of dentists put up a lot of time and money on their marketing plan but never get to act on it or never reaches the implementation stage. You need to make it happen.

• High Expectations – Sometimes it becomes so unrealistic already. It doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes your expected results cannot be seen or felt immediately.

• Lack of Perseverance – It is all about pacing, you are not joining a marathon or race. Timing is of the essence.

• Lack of Planning and Poor Decision Making – You have to learn and understand first what are the marketing tools that you need to use and how it works together.

• Approach and Think Out of the Box – Sometimes dentists would look for the most “in thing” but still it won’t work. To get the job done, you still have to look for the best marketing tools and techniques.

• Do Not Copy From Others – Try not to mimic what other dentists do and use a different approach. You will not be noticed if your marketing ways are like of the others.

To be able to successfully market yourself there is a need to accomplish three basic objectives and these are the following:

• Try to think differently, find a niche that will work for your practice.

• Focus on having a core message or objective for your practice that will best describe your chosen niche.

• Proper delivery where you will outstand the rest of your competitors.
Accomplishing these three basic objectives is just the start but will surely support and help you accomplish your goals in a timely and efficient manner.

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