rrrNewsletters have always played an integral role in any marketing campaign. Dentists have been using newsletters for quite some time now. In the past, they utilized tangible newsletters which were printed on paper. But with the advent of the internet, e-newsletters have become more popular than the printed newsletters. There are a couple of reasons for why dentists prefer email newsletters than the printed ones. To start off, dentists can save on email newsletters because of the absence of printing costs and cost for materials. Just like in any campaign, you can make a couple of mistakes when creating your email newsletters. Here are ways to prevent those things:

Newsletters vs. Promotions

A lot of marketers do not know the basic difference between newsletters and promotions. First off, promotions are action-oriented. What this is means is that you come up with some kind of gimmick which will entice patients and prospects to do something like sign-up, call or make a purchase. Basically, email promotions are those that are designed to make recipients “opt-in”.

On the other hand, good old newsletters are those which aren’t necessarily meant to make recipients do something immediately but they are useful in building long term relationships with patients and prospects. By sending them helpful articles and other resources, you are strengthening ties with them. When they are ready to make a purchase or opt for treatment, chances are that you’ll be the first on their mind.

Making It All about You

This is one of the things which turn off readers. When they opted to receive email newsletters from you, they were thinking that they would get valuable information at regular intervals. But by creating stories which only serve to blow your horn, how does this satisfy the reason for why recipients opted in to begin with?

Instead of stuffing all of the pages with nothing but promotional material or write ups which center in on your services, write ones which answer the questions which your readers usually pose. For instance, you can write an entire article about the best ways to whiten teeth. At the end of your article, after you have exhaustively discussed the various methods, only then can you write a sentence or two about how interested individuals can avail of these services from you.

Make Signing Up Easy

Make it incredibly easy for your prospects to sign up by adding links on most of the pages on your website or by giving them the option to sign up for newsletters in their post visit survey.

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