In the age of high tech, where mail takes a split second to circumnavigate the globe in search of its recipient; where voice recognition software can understand human speech and translate it to a text message; and, when it possible to disable a car via satellite, there comes a time when low tech is a refreshing change. It is not being advocated that all forms of high tech marketing efforts be abandoned only to hoist the flag of being uniquely low-tech. Instead an appropriate level of low tech should supplement the efforts.

Start With Targeting

By targeting the advanced inquiry, it is assumed that all the necessary infrastructure is in place and functioning flawlessly. Finely tuned websites, accurate scheduling systems, auto email systems, mobile marketing and all the other high tech gadgets are ticking away. With this assumption secure, attention is diverted to something out of the ordinary.

The deluge of high tech has resulted in the jaded exterior of many who are bombarded with a high tech message, so much so that a low tech gesture is pleasantly welcomed. To be successful it is important patients are not made to feel that they are party to automation. People generally wish to feel unique and feel cared for. Leaving automation to handle them, doe s the exact opposite.

Add The Human Element

People are known to forgive impersonal services and products. Purchasing a car, for example, can be forgiven if the entire experience was minus the human element. In fact, it may even be preferable. However, health care services need to extend the proverbial bed side manner to all facets of the business.

Take It Personally

No matter how large a business gets, it is crucial that doctors keep tabs on their patients. Even to the extent on making note of events of important to them. A personal congratulatory note or a small token of appreciation, something low tech. It goes a very long way when a seemingly busy dental practitioner takes the time to write a few words on a card and send it on a patient’s birthday – a physical card not an e-card.

It’s always good to keep the high tech in the background and showcase the personal touch. After all, people respond better to relationships then the do so silicon chips and text messages. It is definitely acceptable to target consumers with high tech messages delivered in GPS enabled target finders like drones seeking out its prey. But once the prospect takes the bate and walks in the store, its time to unhook them and turn on the charm, as personal as possible.

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