dental secretarySome dentists fail to appreciate the benefits of having a good dental secretary. There are dentists who think that secretaries are not really part of achieving success in the dental clinic. There is a common notion that these people are easily replaceable anytime. These are the common mistakes of a lot of dentists. Dental secretaries have something to contribute for your success.

Qualities of A good Dental Secretary That Will Help You Succeed

  • Well-organized. It is a must for every secretary to be well-organized. Secretaries maintain records of patients, schedule appointments and do other clerical duties. If you have a well-organized secretary you will be assured that everything will run smoothly with regards to the daily operations of your practice. All the records of your dental practice will be accounted for and all patients will be taken care of.
  • Knowledgeable of basic dental procedures. Part of the work of a dental secretary is to keep record and history of patients. To be good at this position, a secretary must have some basic knowledge about the dental procedures performed on patients as well as the common terminologies used by the dentist. If the secretary is knowledgeable in these two matters, she can be trusted in getting the dental history of the patient even before the dentist actually sees the patient. This way, it will save the dentist time interviewing patient to get the history and instead just concentrate on actual diagnostic and checkup procedure.
  • Excellent clerical skills. The basic duty of a secretary is to preform clerical tasks. It is just right that he or she should be reputable at this. Excellence means being able to work fast without compromising the quality of the output.
  • Good at patient relationship. In some small dental practices, secretaries are also the receptionists. They are the first persons patients will see. If your secretary is good at human relations and can easily make a good impression on your patients, your secretary is truly an asset to you. Some dentists are even getting more patients because their secretaries are good at maintaining good relationship with both present and prospective patients.
  • Support Your Dental Marketing Efforts. Everyone on your staff will have some involvement in your dental practice marketing but your skilled secretary can be someone on top of it all and helping you assemble the feedback data to show you where you can become even more effective.

If you are able to find a reliable and trustworthy secretary who also possesses the above qualities, don’t let go of that secretary. She will be an asset to your dental practice. She can be a good partner to make your dental practice successful.

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