No matter how much you try to keep your dental practice from receiving negative reviews, the fact of the matter is that your practice will inevitably take a number of hits. This is especially so with help of the internet. Because of how permissive the World Wide Web is, almost anyone can come up with a negative post about your dental practice whether warranted or not.

Because it hurts so much for dentists to see their practice’s reputation smeared just because of one bad review, taking care of these negative posts is the most effective manner is something which every dentist should master. Although there are no hard and fast rules to resolving the problem of bad reviews, dentists can always follow this basic set of tips.

Ignorance is not bliss.

You might think that what you do not know does not bother you, but it’s actually the other way around when it comes to negative reviews. The answer is quite simple. If you do not know that there are already patients who are so upset that they have started posted negative reviews, then however will you be able to rectify the error? In order for you to find out if there are any bad posts regarding your practice, you can always subscribe to a Google service which alerts you when your practice is being talked about in the internet. Always keep in mind, knowing is the first step to being able to correct things.

Respond expediently.

When you find out that there are negative reviews regarding your practice, resist the urge to close your eyes and hide. Instead, it’s time for you to be proactive about everything. Draft your reply immediately. If you do not have any personal knowledge about the incident which precipitated the review, then consult those who are involved so that you can draft an appropriate reply.

Think strategically.

You need to be extremely tactical about the entire thing. First off, you should work towards solving the problem privately. Give the complainant your contact numbers or email address so that you can deal with them privately rather than solving things through the internet. At the same time, be apologetic and outline the definite steps which you are going to undertake in order to correct the situation. For instance, you can address the issue of a botched job by offering to redo the entire procedure without any cost.

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