patient loyaltyAs part of the service industry, dentists are very much particular with the word “loyalty”. With it being so easy for patients to transfer to a different dentist, dental practitioners are always in search of ways to continually win the hearts of their patients. For those who aren’t yet convinced of how influential patient loyalty is, it’s time to take another look at the dynamics of finding patients. It costs five times more to find a new customer than to keep a current one. This is why tons of dentists find it more practical to focus their resources on keeping their existing patients. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Say “thank you”.

This is one of the underestimated ways of winning the hearts of your patients. Being courteous and appreciative can tip the scales to your favor. You may provide the same caliber of services as the next dental practice but what might endear patients to you is the fact that you express your gratitude by sending “thank you” cards or emailing special promotions at least once a year.

Make it easy for your customers.

One of the popular ways to turn off customers is by putting so many barriers like automated email and voice response. To make it easier for your repeat customers to reach you, consider getting a dedicated phone line for them. You can step it up a notch by having a dental website which makes it easier for them to set appointments.

Recognize and reward.

Although not all patients are craving recognition and want to be rewarded, it’s still a very thoughtful thing for you to do so. We’re quite sure that you can afford to give out discounts, special services and/or freebies to your long-time customers given how much they have spent on services and products through the years. You can start with something like a free tooth whitening service as a “present” during the holidays. Or you can come up with inner circle events like dinners and barbecues for them. You do not have to be extremely lavish if you’re worried about the expenses.

Give them what they want.

Sometimes, what you offer them as part of your “reward” may not necessarily appeal to them. So take the time to ask them what they want. They may come up with something as simple as free samples. Having your patients fill out a quick survey is a good way to find out what your patients deem to be important and is an easy way for you to gauge what is it that your patients want out of their experience with you as their dentist.

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