Manage your Dental PracticeAs a dentist, you may have encountered several issues related to administration of your practice. You may find it hard to balance your time and organize everything so duties will be completed on time. Indeed, your dental career is directly affected by the decisions you make and the people you are working with. Unlike any other businesses, when you manage your dental practice it isn’t about just achieving your client’s satisfaction and gaining the respect of your employees; it also involves an open communication and maintaining a good relationship between you, your workers and your clients.

Perform a Background Check

When hiring workers for your dental practice, it is highly advisable that you recruit employees who have proven their worth through their work experiences. On the other hand, fresh graduates with promising talents and an excellent work attitude will also make great employees. Always make sure to check the credentials of the applicants; you may coordinate with their University on file or contact their previous employer.

Most states in the US require a dental hygienist to pass a written assessment administered by the American Dental Association after taking at least a two-year course on that field. In addition to this, clinical dental assistants are also obligated to pass the exam after a one-year program so they can receive their certificate. It is necessary to verify the credibility of your workers through authenticating their credentials to make sure that you are working with the right people.

Training and Assessment

Working in the medical field, a dental practice employee must be CPR Certified too. Prior to hiring, your employees should be knowledgeable and properly trained. It is necessary for your receptionist to be very acquainted with the jargon and medical terms related to dentistry as she/he serves as a front line of your clinic. Evaluation of staff and providing constructive criticism will also increase your employee’s productivity and therefore will increase your practice’s profitability.

Systematize an Employee Manual

An organized dental practice is often a result of a well structured managerial plan. Providing an employee manual is the key to creating a highly systematic work group. Preparing a procedural manual for your practice with a comprehensive explanation of the staff’s job description, incentives or benefits, rules and regulations and penalties to violations is highly recommended. Aside from being a reference for your employees, it also serves as their guide for completing their tasks respectively.

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