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Having great people on your team is crucial to the success of your dental practice. What happens when you hire the wrong staff? Costly mistakes and administration problems may arise, which could force your patients to transfer to another dentist and force you to take time out of your busy schedule to find a fitting replacement for the staff position lost. Training new employees involves both time and money. Why go through all the hassle when you can hire the best dental staff in the first place? While there are no hard rules when it comes to hiring the best people on your team, there are ways to help you attract and hire the best employees. We, at Dentist Identity, share with you some tried and tested hiring strategies. Here’s what we think you should do.

Identify the Qualities of an Excellent Team Player

Take the time to write down the qualities of an excellent team player. Adequate skill? Competence? Professionalism? Personable attitude? Good team player? Identify the qualities that will work best for your dental practice. Once you’ve determined the kind of employees that you’d like to hire, the hiring process will become easier for you.

Place an Ad through Multiple Media

What dentists often fail to do is to widen their scope. They place ads on convenient locations; therefore, they only advertise to a select few. Try to broaden your advertising so that you will attract as many good applicants as possible. You can place an ad on the local paper, use social media to inform everyone that you are hiring and also spread the word out to both patients and staff. Do your best to disseminate the information so you are able to attract good people.

Make your Ad Specific

Being specific avoids applicants who are not serious about the job. You may even include the salary that you are prepared to give, as well as your expectations. Include in your ad employee’s benefits and perks while still being as clear as possible about the job description. This is a great way to attract the right people, so your time isn’t wasted on the wrong ones.

Evaluate the Resume

Now it’s time for you to evaluate the resumes. Look for applicants whose qualities match the skills you identified earlier. Keep an eye out for applicants who have stayed with a previous employer for a considerable length of time. You would not want those who often switch jobs as that is a clear indication of poor work ethics. Pick the best ones. Choose those who will proceed to the screening interview.

Interview the Applicants

It is best for applicants to be interviewed by two people, as this improves the odds of hiring the best dental staff. At least one dentist, along with a senior staff member, must conduct the interview. Go with questions that will oblige the applicant to provide detailed answers. You would want him/her to share real experiences. Watch out for warning signs, like answers that do not match up with their resume, an applicant who is late and one who speaks badly about previous employers and colleagues. While it is important for an applicant to be competent, try to get a good look at an applicant’s character. A skill can always be developed but it may be hard to change a persons personality. You will want to hire someone that will improve your practice, not hinder it.

Good Luck in Hiring the Best Dental Staff!

There are many factors at play when hiring the best dental staff. Identifying the qualities of an ideal employee is one, followed by informing a lot of people and conducting the initial screening. The interview is often the final step. You get to see how the applicant answers questions, which gives you a clue about his/her intentions, character and competence. There is no exact science when hiring the best dental staff, but one can always follow techniques that will allow you to hire the best employees.

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