An integral part of any dental practice’s marketing campaign is protecting the practice’s reputation. Inasmuch as you do your best to promote the image of your dental practices, a commensurate amount of effort should be pooled into protecting your practice’s image. The negative remarks of a disgruntled patient can send shockwaves especially when posted in the internet. Your reputation, which you have persevered to promote, can be destroyed by just a few thoughtless and anger-fueled words.

Yes, we must recognize the fact that we cannot please every patient that walks into your dental clinic, but you need not make enemies out of them either. You will inevitably encounter a couple of negative reviews. But the pertinent question is – how do you intend to resolve these issues?

1. Respond immediately. And take note of the word ‘immediately’. It’s not just enough for you to respond; you need to do so right away. Ignoring something won’t make it go away. On the other hand, it may only cause the problem to balloon out of control because you refused to acknowledge its existence. It’s always good practice to come up with a routine internet search in order for you to locate negative reviews should any of them exist. Courtesy should always be a prime consideration when answering these negative reviews. Be genuinely helpful and you may be able to turn dissatisfied patients into happy ones.

2. Report malicious reviews. The internet is extremely permissive and it’s impossible for review sites to filter every entry to make sure that only the legitimate ones are posted. You cannot help malicious individuals from posting bad stuff just to malign your practice’s reputation. You can always report these posts to the website administrator. Although this might not get you too far, you’ll help to clear things out. You should not lose too much sleep over these malicious reviews. Your patients are smart enough to weed out the outrageous ones from the valid posts.

3. Ask for patient reviews. One of the best ways to get rid of a bad post is to drown them out by high volume of good reviews. Don’t be timid about asking your patients for good reviews. You can start with your most loyal patients since they should be the most receptive.

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