There are a lot of marketing and advertising strategies available to dentists nowadays. However, office signs have become a mainstay. From twenty years ago up to the present, dental clinics have made use of office signs as an external marketing tool. But just like all the other tools and strategies that one can employ, there is a right and wrong way of using office signs. One advantage of using signs its potential for having the best ROI. The reason for this is because you pay for these office signs just once but they can help drive patients to your clinic within an indefinite period. But some signs, because they were not thought out properly, are not as effective as they could be and are underutilized. To keep your office signs from being white elephants, it’s always a good thing to follow a few simple tips.

Location, location, location. Before you even buy or rent a space where you can post your ad, evaluate if the location works best for you. Is it a place where most of your prospects frequent or pass by? Is there landlord or zoning restrictions on those sites? If there are a lot of prohibitions, then maybe it’ll be better if you pass on those locations.

Think about the angles. Part of having a good location is when your sign is clearly visible from at least one angle. But an excellent location is where your sign is viewed from at least two vantage points. For instance, your ad could be visible to vehicles passing in two directions or from more than one entrance.

Try it out for yourself. In order for you to ascertain if your ad is really visible to your target audience, consider walking or driving by the location to judge for yourself. You can always take snapshots which can serve as reference.

Be particular about visibility and legibility. It’s not enough that your ad is visible to individuals; it has to be legible as well. For this reason, think about your sign’s height as well as its lighting. The idea is to have your sign pop and stand out from the rest of the signs and from the background. The message should be legible and illumination during evenings should be considered.

Make a good first impression. Your sign should be colorful enough so that it instantly catches the attention of passersby. Not all signs are noticed by passing individuals so your sign should make a great first impression even if your audience only gets to see it for a split second.

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