dental office There comes a time when you have to move into a new office. This isn’t just a physically demanding task also a scary one. Having to pack everything up and then transport all of your equipment to a new location is tiring at best. And when you have unpacked all of your stuff and rearranged them, you’re still far from done. You may be done with physically moving into your new office but there are still a lot of things marketing-wise which you need to take care of. What most dentists do not realize is that moving into a new place actually gives you a rare window of opportunity to market your practice.

Moving into a new location is something which happens only once in a blue moon. And in the world of business, new always sells. After you’ve just settled into your new office, you will need to print new marketing materials. Since you’re going to do that, why not re-evaluate your existing marketing tools on whether they really do work or not. You’ll be able to have a fresh start so start thinking of new ways to rejuvenate your practice.

Usually, dentists are confused as to how to keep their appointment books filled after they have just relocated. There are certainly no hard and fast rules with regards to this but there are a number of things which dentists can always consider.

You will lose a number of patients.

This is something which you have to prepare yourself for. This is because some patients choose to go to you, above everything else, because your dental office is just around the corner and is most convenient for them. But then again, you must control your defection rate. One way for you to do just that is to announce in advance that you are moving to a new location. Send out postcards or brochures to announce your plans. On top of that, explain how your patients stand to benefit from you moving.

Patients want to know what’s in for them.

Patients have self-serving motives and they almost always want to know what they can stand to gain from every move that you make. So when you are announcing your plan to move to a new location, talk about better parking or better facilities which make procedures less invasive and painful.

Now is the time for special offers.

Naturally, patients and prospects will be intrigued at why you decided to move to a new location. Fuel their interest even more by throwing in freebies and discounts to the first few people who visit you at your new location.

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