Time and technology march on and we continually stand at the edge of new extensions of human abilities. I see a lot of possibilities from the ability of an iPhone to accurately differentiate different smells. They say it is as sensitive as a dog’s nose so I wonder if I can use it to find someone from their scent?

Here are a few highlights and a link to the full post below.
Now, a tiny San Francisco startup, Adamant Technologies, is trying to give your iPhone the senses of smell and taste, too.

The company has created a computer chip that works with a bunch of tiny sensors that “can take the sense of smell and taste and digitize them,” explains Sam Khamis, Adamant’s founder and CEO.

This is not about turning your smartphone into some kind of scratch-and-sniff thing that emits scent. It’s about letting your phone or computer or other medical devices smell for themselves.
via Your iPhone Will Soon Detect Bad Breath – Business Insider.

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