Complaints are inevitable. It does not matter if you run the most popular dental practice in your town or the smallest one, it’s impossible for you to please anyone. With the advent of the internet, word of mouth marketing has taken a new turn. Now, patients can come up with rave reviews about your dental practice in any review sites the same way that an unsatisfied patient can come up with a negative post. These bad reviews might be terrifying but wise dentists can always turn this situation upside down.

Respond Quickly

When you find out that a bad review was posted about your practice, resist the urge to curl up in a ball and hide under your bed. Instead, attack the problem head on and respond to the negative post. The sooner you are able to respond to that review the better because then you will be sending a message to your client that you are paying attention and that you are eager to make things better.

Of course, the tone of your reply will matter a whole lot. It is needless to say that you have to respond in a courteous manner. Apologize for any inconvenience and assure the patient that steps will be taken to rectify the error. Do not lay down the entire plan of how you’re going to fix the problem though. Instead, ask for the client to contact you through more private means like by phone or by email so that you can take the problem out of the public arena.

Assess the Validity of the Problem

There are lots of cyber bullies lurking around and your practice might be one of their targets. Before responding to any complaint, assess the negative review first and ask yourself if the complaint merits a response or any action. If the complaint seems to be a product of a prank or mean spiritedness, do not even waste your time drafting a reply. Likewise, your patients are not dumb; they will surely spot these malicious posts and simply disregard them.

Skip the Dental Jargons

Once the problem goes viral, there’s no other way to address the problem but simply give a witty response. Apologize still but try to have a sense of humor. And stay away from dental jargons which will only leave the unsatisfied patient, along with individuals who are looking for a new dentist and just stumbled upon that post, confused and unconvinced.

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