smiling coupleWas fascinated to see some recent news reports citing teeth as the number one thing both men and women judge potential dates on. Maybe the first thing someone looking for a new relationship needs to do is go see their dentist.

Many people may not realize how much technology has advanced and many new options have been made available to make a person’s smile much more attractive.

Some new products like 6 months smiles and invisalign can provide straight teeth faster, easier and cheaper than ever.

Whitening products at your dentist give nearly immediate results.

Veneers are now done with laser precision that can give amazing results faster and with fewer dental visits.

Maybe you did not realize that nowadays crowns can be completely done in about 1 hour.

Personally I think that when a person knows they have a winning smile they also feel better about who they are and that confidence is attractive to others.

The survey, as reported by USA Today, asked 5,500 unattached adults 21 and older what qualities they judge most in the opposite sex. The survey also asked singles to rate their “must haves” when it comes to relationships.

photo credit: Bill Liao via photopin cc

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