During Halloween, most of us can only think about CANDY! Of course, we also dream about the costumes, the Halloween parties, and the pumpkin-spiced food. Most of all, however, we look forward to trick-or-treating.

Halloween is a vulnerable time for teeth because of all the candy. When you consume sugary products, bacteria that live in the dental plaque produce acid, which attacks the tooth enamel. If you neglect to brush or floss every day, your tooth enamel will eventually grow soft and prone to cavities. Tooth damage depends on how much sugar you consume and how often it touches your teeth.

Do you want to keep your teeth healthy during Halloween? There are several steps you can take to protect your teeth and gums. They are:

– Drinking water after eating candy to wash away sugar and acids.
– Limiting candy and snacks between meals.
– Serving nutritious snacks that will cause no harm to the teeth like nuts and cheese.
– Avoiding soft and sticky foods that might get stuck between the teeth.
– Eating sweets for dessert, because there is still plenty of saliva in the mouth.
– Never forgetting to brush or floss before heading to bed.

Of course, there are alternatives you can eat instead of candy. If you are concerned about your teeth (and health!), you can try sugarless gum, diabetic candy, or string cheese. Trick or treaters these days can also receive small toys instead of sugary treats.

Other ways to stop yourself from indulging in candy include trading your stash for something else, like a movie ticket or a video game. You can donate your candy to a local soup kitchen or to charity. Even if you did not get to eat much candy, you will discover that Halloween can still be fun!

Another awesome way to spend Halloween is participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback Program. Dentists came up with this idea to prevent kids from having cavities while helping our troops overseas. Participating dentists “buy” back Halloween candy with cash, coupons, or gifts. The candy will go to Operation Gratitude and US Military support groups.

This practice has been widely circulated due to dental marketing. Joining the Halloween Candy Buyback will make you enjoy Halloween while setting a great example to the younger generation. After all, what is better than knowing you’re helping AND maintaining your healthy, white teeth?


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