Good oral health is something that people have to work on each day. The secret to having great teeth is to follow a daily regimen which works. The mouth is actually the gateway to the other parts of the body. For this reason, the importance of maintaining good oral health can never be undermined. Good thing it only takes a few steps to have healthy teeth and gums.

1. Brushing regularly. This is probably the most obvious advice there is. A dental regimen is never complete without brushing. No mouthwash can substitute for brushing either. The mechanical action involved in brushing removes food particles which nourished oral pathogens. At the same time, brushing helps to strengthen teeth and freshens breath. Fluoride toothpaste is necessary to unlock the maximum benefits of brushing. However, one must brush for at least two minutes to allow the toothpaste to work effectively.

2. Flossing. Although difficult to do and often times confusing, flossing is required in order to dislodge food particles that are trapped in between teeth. Because toothbrush bristles cannot reach in between teeth, flossing is an activity which must be done every day. Once daily is enough but doing it twice is recommended. It is best to floss right before bedtime.

3. Dental visits. Maintaining good dental health cannot be done alone. Scheduling dental appointments at least once in a year must be emphasized. This is because there are oral conditions that may be left undetected if one stays away from the dental clinic for a long time. Aside from dental cleanings and checkups, dental visits are especially important for individuals who are immunocompromised, undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from diabetes. Women who are pregnant also require a special dental regimen which a qualified dentist can advise.

4. Healthy Diet. What you put in your mouth determines the state of your oral health. Calcium-rich foods like kale and sardines are necessary because calcium helps strengthen bones (which make up your jaws) and your teeth. Vitamin C also helps protect gums and may be found in citrus fruits. At the same time, you should weed out your diet of foods that are sugary and sticky since bacteria metabolize sugars and releases acids which can cause enamel corrosion. Sodas and sugar-packed energy drinks have the same effect. Dentists warn their patients from brushing immediately after guzzling these drinks as the softened enamel might be in more danger of corrosion with the brush’s mechanical action.

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