It looks like Google+ is going to be very popular so if you go with the idea of be where the people are then maybe Google+ is for you. Right now you can only have a personal page. Business pages are a few weeks to maybe a couple months out, some say September. It will be interesting to see how Google may tie the Plus Business pages into Google Places. Thus far they have integrated a few if their services into Plus.

Google+ revolves around some interesting tools like video conferencing and being able to add your contacts to any variety of custom “circles”

If you want to get a personal Google+ account going just ask me and I can send you in invitation. Later when business pages are available we will be offering set up services of course.

Here are a few Guides so if you go ahead you will be prepared.

Google+ Guide: All You Need to Know about Google+

Google+ is another big thing by Google. Here is a detailed guide for this service which explains all the basic and advanced features such as UI, Profile, friends, chat, spark, features.

Publish Date: 06/30/2011 23:34

Google+: The Complete Guide | Economics of Android

That’s why we decided to dig into every aspect of Google+,from Hangouts to Circles,from Google+ for businesses to what’s next for Google’s social network. The result is an extensive guide on all of Google+’s key features

Publish Date: 07/17/2011 1:01

Welcome to The Google+ Insider’s Guide!

7.5.11 Welcome to The Google+ Insider’s Guide!

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