Dental SEO and Content Marketing

Dental websites are replacing the role that the Yellow Pages once held. While it was customary for individuals with aching teeth and chipped off veneers to scroll through the pages of the famously-colored telephone directory in order to look for dentists, that isn’t the case anymore. On the other hand, people are turning to the Internet in order to search for dentists with practices that are based nearby. So now that the rules of the game have changed, it’s necessary for your survival that you start learning how the new game is played, and this involves dental websites and dental SEO.

Content and Dental SEO

In the past, dental SEO relied heavily on keywords and links. While these two parameters are still important in ranking dental websites, major search engines are veering away from these two factors as the sole determinants for ranking any given  website. Remember that rankings mean the entire difference between great online traffic and your website being shunned into cyber obscurity. In order to improve the browsing and searching experience of their users, Google and other major search engines have started looking into content as a way to rank websites according to authority and relevance.

As a manager of your practice and its dental website, below are a couple of guidelines that you can stick to when it comes to managing content that goes to your dental website in order to achieve the goal of dental SEO:

Be very strict with the quality content that appears on your dental website.

The bar has been raised time and time again when it comes to information found in dental websites, and all sorts of websites in general. It’s not just enough for you to explain what your services are and how they are head and shoulders above the competition. People do not like being given the hard sell, even on the Internet. This means that if you want to gain your visitors and prospects’ trust, you had better provide information which really aims to inform and educate.

At the same time, when the content you put up is engaging enough,your dental website becomes an epicenter of online activity this creates online. Considering how easy it is to share and like a piece of content online, this type of promotion done by readers can reel in more clicks and visitors to your site.

Keep the freshness level up.

Once you’ve hooked prospects to your dental website with engaging and useful content, it’s time to keep them coming back for more. Not only will you build up a strong viewership for your dental website, which increases your online authority, but the frequency with which you add new content to your dental website will help determine how Google ranks you in results for online queries. In essence, you are hitting two birds with one digital stone — you’re keeping the search engines happy while appealing to your human prospects.

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