Dental SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is the process of allowing your website, your dental website in this case, to rank high in search engine results pages. Getting to the first page is something which every webmaster, SEO specialist and business owner wants to achieve, and in order for you to get to the first page of the SERPs for a search which you have just made, it is crucial that you employ SEO techniques. Inbound links and keywords are still important in dental SEO but your content can also contribute significantly to the jump of your dental website with regards to its ranking.

Why is dental SEO important?

Whenever a prospect wants to search for dental practices which are located nearby, chances are that he or she will turn to the Internet. Since your browser cannot read your mind, the same individual will have to use search engines in order to type out and search a query. This query will then return results in the form of websites which match your search. These websites will be ranked according to popularity and authority, with the best websites found on the first page. Because the clicking rate diminishes significantly once your website is located on the second page of search results, dental SEO may be the difference between getting clicks on your website or being buried in online obscurity.

While you still need to have an SEO expert take care of the technical aspects of getting your dental website up and running, you can give your dental website a hand by creating helpful and unique content. The content of your dental website is actually considered as another parameter for major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, when it comes to arranging and ranking websites.

What are the particulars with regards to your content that can help with dental SEO?

Age of the content- The very moment that you publish a post, Google and other search engines right away put a time stamp on it and the aging process begins. The date of origin is the date wherein the document was first indexed by the search engine, with older documents losing influence gradually.

Magnitude of the change- Some webmasters and owners make minute changes to posts just so that they can say that they have changed and switched up their website and content. These changes include modifying a couple of lines of the content. However, these superficial changes are not enough in order to really make a significant impact. On the other hand, changes to the design and the content in general can really bump up the freshness value of your dental website.

Frequency of the change- Now that you know that you need to change content and you know how to change up the content, how frequently do you change content? The rule is that the more often that you change the content posted in any single web page on your dental website, the higher the freshness quotient of your dental website becomes, putting you at an advantage.

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