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Websites: the Modern Marketing Tool

As you know, a website is often the first way a prospective client comes into contact with many businesses. Before websites, we had little more than telephone book listings and ads by which to reach new patients. The website has become the all-around replacement for a business card, brochure, advertisement, and phone listing. We can get (albeit superficially) acquainted with people before we decide whether we want to do business with them. One thing you can say about technology is that it is always changing. The information age is indeed, burying us in a figurative avalanche of choices at every turn. This has several long term effects that we should examine.

A static website, no matter how beautifully built and written, will eventually be lost in that sea of information. Updating your website regularly can be easily done with blogs.

Blog” is a shortening of the term “weblog” and can refer to pages on almost every topic under the sun. Simply put, they are used to chronicle everything and anything the writer responsible wants to write about, from personal journeys to news topics and politics. So, why should you care?

In a word, rankings.

When your website pages are published, they are indexed and given a time stamp. This is so that google can continue to return the most current information for searches. This provides us all with a great convenience, but also means that in order to stay on top of search rankings, you need to interact with your website on a regular basis to keep the information fresh, timely, and relevant. The blog is a great way to do this.

What Are Prospective Patients Looking For?

it’s obvious that when someone is searching for information, the person who can best fill the searcher’s bill is going to get attention. Prospective patients can have a variety of criteria to satisfy as they make their choice. Offering the best selection, making sure that your website has up-to-date, eye-catching content, and matching what your prospective patient is looking for can really help boost internet traffic to your site. Of course, once they are there, you want to keep them there! Backing all of this up has to be a commitment to providing quality content.

The best blogging content is patient-centered and informative. 

  • use the opportunity to give readers what they are looking for
  • cater to your audience: most blog readers will be women who are looking for health care for their families
  • use a conversational tone
  • make your reader feel welcomed
  • include a call to action (“call today to learn more”) but resist the urge to actively market to your readers. They did not come to your blog to read a blatant advertisement. By giving them the information they wanted, you’re already marketing your expertise to them.

Dentist Identity’s SEO packages include blog services that will help keep your practice’s website from getting lost in the sea of search results. Contact us today for more information about the ways we have to help you reach your goals.
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